My Experience with Micro-needling

Ever since Kim K. got her famous “vampire facial”, I have been hearing so much about Micro-needling. I decided I had to give it a try to see what all the hype is about. I made an appointment at Pale Girls Palace in Huntington Beach. I was super excited for my treatment, but also a little nervous. The process of needles puncturing my face over and over didn’t exactly sound pleasant! However, as soon as I arrived, the owner Leslie put me at ease and explained the process and what I could expect.

Micro-needling (also known as collagen induction therapy) induces collagen production and strengthens the epidermis. The technician uses a wand that contains very fine needles. When passed over the skin, the needles create micro “injuries” to the skin to trigger new collagen synthesis. The procedure has no major side effects the primary benefits include reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, and improvement in the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Leslie’s process is a little different from other Micro-needling experts in that she starts with a microdermabrasion treatment to ensure your skin is free of bacteria. The microdermabrasion was quick and painless.

After the microdermabrasion, she applied a numbing gel to my face and let it set for 20 minutes.

Then the fun part began! It didn’t feel good by any means, but the pain was definitely tolerable. It was more of an annoying feeling than anything else. I don’t have any tattoos, but it’s how I envision getting a tattoo would feel. She started with one side of my face, then the other, and then the forehead. She went over each section 3 times and the process took about 20 minutes.


Immediately following, my face looked like I had a really bad sunburn and my skin felt a little tight. Leslie sent me home with a Manuka Honey Mask, which I applied the next night. Her other instructions included not exercising or doing anything to produce sweat for 48 hours, as well as avoiding makeup for 36-48 hours.

20180521_141452Immediately following procedure

20180522_105132Day 2

20180526_100632Day 5 – slight peeling & discolortion

20180529_134248Day 7

It’s been 2 weeks since my Micro-needling treatment and I’m super happy with the results. I notice a reduction in fine lines around my eyes and mouth and less skin discoloration.

Before and After 1 Treatment

If you are in the Orange County area and interested in giving Micro-needling a try, be sure to contact Leslie at Pale Girls Palace!


My treatment was complimentary, however all opinions are my own.


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