Peltzer Winery – The Gem of Temecula Valley

peltzer3 (1 of 1)When you think of wine country, Southern California probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However over the last decade, Temecula Valley has blossomed into a thriving wine scene, complete with resorts, trendy restaurants, and over 35 wineries. Only an hour drive from San Diego and Orange County, Temecula Valley has become a popular destination for wine lovers.

Each winery offers something unique, however Peltzer Winery in my opinion is a step above the rest.

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The grounds and view at Peltzer are breathtaking, and the “Crush House” tasting room is like no other in Temecula Valley. Set in a large barn that combines both vintage and modern elements, I would classify the style as rustic chic.

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There are several lounge areas on the property complete with couches and tables. And there are outdoor games and even a food truck on the weekends. It’s the perfect spot to spend an hour or all day!

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Next time you are in Temecula, be sure to visit Peltzer Winery. And you must try the Chardonnay. It’s my favorite!

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  1. I live about 40 minutes from Temecula and never visit. Your post made me want to remedy that! Beautiful pictures and great content keep up the great work!

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