3 Islands You Must Visit in the Philipppines

When it comes to traveling internationally, Andrew and I are huge fans of Southeast Asia. There is so much beauty to be found and the US Dollar goes a long way!!

We recently spent 12 days in the Philippines. There are over 7100 islands in the Philippines, although only about 2000 are inhabited. With so many choices, it was difficult deciding where to visit. After much debate, we narrowed it down to Palawan, Boracay and Siargao.

Our first stop was El Nido on the tip of Palawan. El Nido is the gateway to many of the smaller islands that make up the Bacuit archipelago. With it’s white sand beaches and turquoises waters surrounded by huge limestone cliffs, the beauty of Palawan is something you find only in dreams. Below are photos from some of our favorite spots in Palawan.

LRM_EXPORT_20180326_125201One of the many secluded coves in El Nido
LRM_EXPORT_20180424_105101Our amazing crew with lunch ☺
20180304_133837Freshly prepared meal on the boat
LRM_EXPORT_20180424_104634Kayaking in Small Lagoon
LRM_EXPORT_20180316_093957Beach near Cudugnon Cave
LRM_EXPORT_20180426_120125Snake Island
IMG_20180326_084456_519Hiking near Terra Nova Resort
IMG_20180320_082504_081Sunset at Terra Nova Resort


After a relaxing 5 days in Palawan, we decided it was time for a little more action. After a 45 minute flight via Air Swift, we arrived in Boracay. Boracay reminded me a little bit of Miami, with it’s abundance of street vendors and nightclubs, and a coast filled with sailboats and parasails. It is a place you should experience once, however I recommend staying only a night or two, unless you are looking for a spring break type environment. (Please note: As of April 26, 2018, there will be a complete island closure for 6 months. Read more about it here)

LRM_EXPORT_20180327_165209Rooftop pool at Henann Crystal Sands
LRM_EXPORT_20180426_115814Willy’s Rock
LRM_EXPORT_20180316_072355Rooftop pool at Henann Crystal Sands
LRM_EXPORT_20180426_115914The bustling town at night
LRM_EXPORT_20180426_115843Sunset in Boracay


The last stop on our trip was Siargao. Andrew was dying to go surfing, so we opted to stay in General Luna, near the famous Cloud 9 surf spot. General Luna is a quiet, surf town with a long strip of local restaurants and shops as well as several international eateries (If you are looking for a change of pace, La Carinderia is a quaint Italian restaurant with delicious food and a decent wine selection). There are several small islands off the coast of Siargao with pristine beaches. We opted instead to rent a motorbike to explore the main island’s treasures. Below are photos from some of our favorite spots.

LRM_EXPORT_20180426_115754One of the locals taking his ox and dog for a walk
IMG_20180319_082522_918Shopping at the street markets
LRM_EXPORT_20180330_133505Cruising around Siargao via motorbike
LRM_EXPORT_20180426_122233The best smoothie bowls at Shaka Siargao
IMG_20180401_081305_102Sugba Lagoon
IMG_20180323_080731_017One of the many Palm Tree lined fields
IMG_20180321_083935_817Magpupungko Beach
IMG_20180322_084236_098Sugba Lagoon
LRM_EXPORT_20180509_072719Cloud 9


I highly recommend a visit to the Philippines. Let me know if you have any questions or need recommendations.

Happy Travels!


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