Instagram-worthy Wall Art in Los Angeles

There is no shortage of wall art in Los Angeles, making it a perfect backdrop for social media junkies. While there are hundreds of wall murals to choose from, I’ve selected 5 that are located within a 1 mile radius, making it possible to complete your selfie tour within an hour ☺.


Mural by Retna

Brown Gallery

140 S Orlando Ave, Los Angeles


Colette Miller Angel Wings

St. Regis Wine & Liquor

8401 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles


“Dream Big” Butterfly Mural

John & Pete’s Fine Wine and Spirits

621 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood


Made in LA

Cisco Home

8025 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles


Pink Wall

Paul Smith

8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles


“Top places to visit in LA” coming to the blog soon. Let me know if you have any favorite spots! XO

One thought on “Instagram-worthy Wall Art in Los Angeles

  1. We have been to these same walls. Love them! Definitely check out some of the rooftop bars downtown LA. If you can catch while all the lights are on at the sky rise buildings you can get some killer photos! And while still dusk so that you will be visible with the lights behind…😘

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